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Thatz'a Pizza opened on May 12, 2014 with a bang. Owner, Kevin Shutt, has been flippin' pizzas since his teen years working for Lio's Pizza. Standing at his side is his long time girlfriend, Jacquelyn Cieri, who also spent years under the mentoring of the Lio's family. Jacquelyn, like Kevin, grew up in a strong Italian family with many traditions and recipes passed down to her. Spending your childhood in the kitchen with your parents, handing them spices and occasionally getting to stir the sauce, may not give you the qualifications for cooking, but it definitely gives you a starting point for the passion. Kevin has been apart of the pizza industry for over twenty years. Shaped and molded by the pizza life, Kevin has brought his knowledge and experience to his very own shop where he hopes to serve the people of Camp Hill and the surrounding areas for decades to come!

Taking inspiration from his Italian home life, Kevin brought his family's Tomato Pie recipe to the business. Made from the finest San Marzano tomatoes, the Tomato Pie is topped with fresh basil, and garlic as well as olive oil and a hint of parmesan cheese. Kevin has put a spin on a traditional Italian dessert, Zeppole (or Italian doughnut). Stuffed with chocolate, Zeppole is the perfect end to your stay at Thatz'a Pizza.

Thatz'a Pizza is a family friendly shop where your experience is our top priority. 

Our Family


(From left to right) Randy, Jacquelyn, and Kevin Shutt. 

Or, to NHL fans: (from left to right) Flyers fan, Penguins fan, and Capitals fan. Join us in our friendly sports rivalries!

Special Events and Catering


Our restaurant provides catering, and a catering menu is available upon request. Typically, we require at least 24 hours notice for a catering order; however, larger orders may require more time and preparation to successfully fulfill. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next special moment. 

Quality Ingredients Make Quality Food


Thatz'a Pizza is a proud "Grande Cheese 100 Percenter", meaning all of our Italian cheeses are supplied by the finest cheese company available. 

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